Trying to calculate your own taxes can be an exhausting task, and it gets even more complicated as one tries to ensure that they have utilized all personal tax credits. Missing certain deductions or credits when available can become a costly mistake.

Therefore, it’s important to seek expert advice on such matters. Argento CPA has the expertise that will keep you informed and reduce your tax burden wherever possible.

Services offered:

  • Basic tax return preparation for employed professionals
  • Sole-proprietorship
  • Real estate and rental income
  • Investments
  • Foreign asset reporting (T1135 information return)
  • Tax planning
  • Should you incorporate?
  • Should you register for GST/HST?

Trying to file your own tax return can be stressful and confusing. Even with today’s computerized online software, it’s easy to miss important opportunities or certain tax credits. Online programs can be sluggish, time-consuming, and appear foreign to the user. To ensure that your tax return is prepared correctly it is in your interest to have a Chartered Professional Accountant review your situation and see to it that you maximize any refunds and minimize any taxes. Errors or missed opportunities can end up costing you much more than it would cost to pay a professional to review your situation and make sure that your tax returns are done correctly.

Our clients are:

  • Employed professionals
  • Self-employed
  • Sole-proprietorships or partnerships
  • Married or common-law couples
  • Families
  • Students

Save time by using our one-stop online solution:

Getting one’s tax returns done can be time-consuming. It involves gathering all your tax slips and filling out information forms, and physically meeting with your accountant to drop off and pick up your tax documents. Thankfully, there is a much more efficient way to do all this. Once Argento CPA is authorized to represent you, we will download your tax slips from the CRA and prepare your tax return at minimal cost with no extra effort on your part.

Whether your tax situation is straightforward or more complex we have a price-effective solution for you. There is no one size fits all solution for tax returns. Instead, we aim to provide an individualized experience to each of our clients. If you are looking for accurate, and competitively priced tax returns that are done on time, you’ve come to the right place. We also offer family rates for spouses and dependents.

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