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Helping entrepreneurs through the technicalities of running a company is our number one concern. Since most people aren’t familiar with tax and accounting concepts, they require guidance regarding the financial side of their business. Our clients can depend on us to deliver high quality personalized cloud accounting and tax services.

Michael Argento, CPA, CGA

Michael Argento is an entrepreneur and Founder of Argento CPA.  Through his own experience of growing an accounting practice from two clients in 2016 to over 500 clients in 2021, he has developed a deep passion for helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lifestyle.  As an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Michael uses his accounting background to understand what it takes to build a successful business from a numbers point of view.  But that’s just one aspect of what Michael loves to do.  His true passion is helping entrepreneurs identify what success means to them and helps his clients achieve their dream outcomes by simplifying what action steps it takes to get there.

“Most business owners ignore culture, core values, and brand, this is one of their greatest pitfalls.  They don’t understand what is needed to stay competitive in today’s work environment and how to create a culture that attracts top talent to your business.”  Michael supports his clients by helping them identify their own values and discover their “why”, using that to drive key decisions in the direction and growth of their business.  By helping entrepreneurs align their personal goals to their business goals, Michael shows his clients how to navigate the roadmap to their success.           

Michael studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where he achieved his Diploma of Technology, Bachelor of Technology, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified General Accountant (CGA) distinction.  After the first year of his diploma, he was awarded a scholarship from a midsize accounting firm for “Highest Marks in Computerized Accounting.”  His teacher at BCIT had put his name in for the scholarship and he was interviewed and hired “right on the spot.”

He began his career working for a midsize accounting firm in their Client Services department which focuses primarily on small business clients and personal tax returns.  After completing all of the requirements for his Chartered Professional Accountant designation Michael set up his own practice that was tailored to the needs of small business, startup entrepreneurs and individual taxes.  With over 10 years of experience Michael is now a tax expert.

Helping entrepreneurs through the technicalities of running a company is Michael’s number one goal.  Most people are not familiar with tax concepts and require guidance regarding the financial side of their business.  Michael’s objective is to save people time by assisting them with this side of the business, while leaving them more time to focus on what they are good at. Overall, this leads to greater efficiency and allows clients to save and earn more money.  Michael enjoys giving his clients direction and strategies for their small business while ensuring they minimize taxes leaving more money in their pocket. When Michael is not working on his accounting practice, he spends his time boxing, practicing yoga, spending time with his lovely wife Ashlee and their cat William, and going for mountain hikes with his adventurous German Shepherd, Maayaa.

“The most satisfying part of my profession is watching my clients grow each year knowing that I am a part of their success.”


Michelle Ratcliffe, CPA, CA, CPA(WA)
Director of Operations

Michelle joined Argento CPA to be part of an intelligent yet humble group of individuals that shares ideas and values everyone else’s opinions.  She is a tax accountant with her Canadian CPA, CA and US (WA) CPA designations. With over 13 years of public practice experience, Michelle has focused her career on building relationships with small Canadian business owners to assist them grow their companies and remain compliant with their tax filings. She also enjoys assisting individuals navigate the complexities of cross border tax issues.

She initially became an accountant because she enjoyed preparing her friends and family’s tax returns. She wanted a career that allowed her to help people and becoming a tax accountant allowed her to help people with an unavoidable part of life. She strives to do her best when assisting individuals and business owners with tax planning advice and their tax issues and does so in a way that they can understand.

Outside work, Michelle enjoys sewing, baking and being outdoors. In the summer, you will find her hiking and camping at lakes around BC. In the winter, she enjoys snowboarding or traveling to warmer climates.

Gabby Hergt

Hi, I’m Gabby! I was born, raised, and educated on Vancouver Island yet I strived to experience life off the rock. I currently reside in Ontario, with a job in British Columbia and a piece of my heart in Massachusetts. Joining Argento CPA provides me with a unique opportunity to have balance between my career and relationship without sacrificing one for the other.

Prior to joining the cloud accounting industry a few years ago, my experience included small public accounting firms with too much paper. I’m thrilled to be working with a virtual based paperless firm. One aspect I really enjoy about a remote team is that we still have the opportunity to hang out virtually without the issue of distracting other members of the “office”.

In accounting, I enjoy finding inefficiencies and setting up procedures to streamline monthly processes. I specifically enjoy working with E-commerce platforms and finding the best methods to integrate them into our software depending on the needs of our clients.

My passions in life include poutine, crafting, my nieces and nephews, and my dog, Meg.

Jordy Guillon
Director of Technology

I joined Argento CPA as its director of Technology to be part of a focused and innovative team of professionals with a clear vision of its future.  I’m an experienced IT professional bringing with me over 25 years of industry knowledge.  I’ve come to learn a variety of different technologies throughout my career and have specialized in troubleshooting and optimizing IT processes.  My focus has and always be on people, understanding their overall goals, and providing a friendly conduit into the technologies they might need guidance on.

This is my first foray into completely remote work, though my second time working for an accounting firm.  My specialties include systems analysis, security, applications integration, and data management.

My hobbies include (but are by no means limited to) landscaping, cross-country skiing, woodworking, and hiking through deep dark forests of northern B.C.

Temi Oluwatosin

Before joining Argento CPA, Temi worked both in the public and the private sector as a junior accountant. Temi is excited to be working with a virtual-based paperless firm and looks forward to all the opportunities that come with it.

Temi earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Humber College and is currently pursuing her MBA in global leadership at the University of New Brunswick.

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