You didn't get into business to become an accountant.

This is what some of our clients had to say about us:

Michael is the best in the business. His attention to detail and customer service is outstanding. We’ve been working with Argento for 3 years now with 2 of our corporate businesses for monthly bookkeeping as well as our personal taxes. I would highly recommend Michael and his team.

Drew Urquhart, Owner
Banch Marketing

Working with Michael is one of the best decisions I've made for my business. I needed help getting a few years of corporate and personal taxes caught up. I originally hired a different highly rated accountant and the experience was horrible. Tons of careless errors and obviously didn't care about their work and I ended up wasting thousands of dollars. Then I reached out to Michael and just from our initial conversation, I knew he took his work and his clients seriously. He actually listened to what I needed and got everything perfectly caught up and he did it fast. I will be using Michael for all my personal and business accounting needs going forward. Highly recommended!

Stephen Chauvette, CEO
Dealer Media

Michael has made my life as a business owner so much more efficient! He is very knowledgeable and efficient. I have worked with him for 3 years and will keep working with him for years to come.

Shayan Vaghayenegar, Owner
Strength Connected

Plan. Act. Adapt. Succeed.

This is what some of our clients had to say about us:

We were referred to Michael by a mentor after our previous accountant had overcharged us with no proper results. Michael quickly got our finances under control and even got us a refund from the CRA. Very experienced and knowledgeable.

Soroosh, Founder
Moe's Plumbing

As the owner of Wicks Electric, the highest reviewed electrical contractor in our beautiful province of BC, customer service and diligence is EVERYTHING to me. Argento CPA has been my accountant basically since I started the company. Michael has been an absolute pleasure to work with and he has come up with some accounting strategies that have saved me both time and money. I recommend this beauty to every person I can. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, he is 100% worth switching accountants for.

Adam Wicks, Owner
Wicks Electric

Michael and his team at Argento CPA have been an incredible aid in the development of our new small business. It's meeting and connecting with business owners like Argento CPA, and their network, that give us confidence to grow and expand, even in uncertain times. Highly recommended.

Tim Managh, Owner
Align Climate Solutions

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