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We were referred to Michael by a mentor after our previous accountant had overcharged us with no proper results. Michael quickly got our finances under control and even got us a refund from the CRA. Very experienced and knowledgeable.

Founder, Moe's Plumbing Inc.

As the owner of Wicks Electric, the highest reviewed electrical contractor in our beautiful province of BC, customer service and diligence is EVERYTHING to me. Argento CPA has been my accountant basically since I started the company. Michael has been an absolute pleasure to work with and he has come up with some accounting strategies that have saved me both time and money. I recommend this beauty to every person I can. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, he is 100% worth switching accountants for.

Adam Wicks
Owner, Wicks Electric Inc.

Michael and his team at Argento CPA have been an incredible aid in the development of our new small business. It's meeting and connecting with business owners like Argento CPA, and their network, that give us confidence to grow and expand, even in uncertain times. Highly recommended.

Tim Managh
Owner, Align Climate Solutions

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