Virtual Controller and CFO

Are you swamped dealing with customers, building a brand, and attracting new customers?  Is your monthly bookkeeping bottlenecked by trouble obtaining all the information requested by your bookkeeper and accountant in a timely manner? 

No one starts a business with the intention to run a backend office and some business owners need more than just a bookkeeper.  They need someone to gather vendor invoices, follow-up on accounts receivable, track hours of staff, and pay vendors.

Put the onus on us.

Benefits of a virtual controller.

  • Save time and money – A Virtual Controller removes all the finance and accounting tasks off your schedule while giving you the benefit of a financial expert when you need them without the cost of another salary. You can stay abreast of your company’s finances easily and focus on growing your business.
  • Professional resources – When you take advantage of a Virtual Controller through Argento CPA you are adding a qualified professional to your staff.
  • Stay up to date – Your Virtual Controller will provide you with real-time updates to equip you with the financial information you need when you need it. Using the latest technology and systems, we can provide critical business information on a timely basis.
  • Insight for the future – Every small business owner wants to grow and improve their organization. A Virtual Controller can assist you with strategic transactions, business plans, and budgeting. We can also assess your organization and recommend suggestions for improving your company’s efficiency if you desire.

Running a business in today’s competitive market is a challenge. It can be easy to miss opportunities and threats in your industry. From the moment you may decide to incorporate to the time you are selling the business, you need to be proactive, ahead of the game, and adaptable. If you want to ensure growth in your company, you must do this from the moment you decide to incorporate, to the time you sell the business.

To achieve your business goals, you need the right advisor to guide you along the way. Our business knowledge can help you develop strategies that lead to success. As your advisor we can work closely with you to develop short and long-term plans.

Professional business advisory that you can count on.

Argento CPA will provide expert advice that will help you make the right financial decisions for your company which can maximize the value of your business.

Our advisory services include:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budget preparation
  • Sale of business
  • Tax advisory
  • Transaction analysis (for example – lease vs. buying capital assets)
  • Financial statement forecasting
  • Corporate structuring
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Bank and lender financing

If you need an experienced accountant who can work with you on achieving your business objectives, contact us today for a free consultation!

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